Below is a chart showing the top security companies. It is clear that most people would choose the most experienced with the most ability for coverage. ADT is that company protecting over 6 million homes and 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. What isn't clear is why choose a dealership over a corporation? Some say the dealership has less control of their sales reps. and the consumer may be taking a risk of not getting what they're promised. This may be true for some companies but when you have an individual sales rep. that stands behind what you want you have more than the corporation can or will afford to an individual consumer.

If you get a good sales rep. that is there for your concerns you're automatically getting a better deal on the system because the corporation has more stringent, non-bending rules and prices. What else isn't clear is why some consumers would choose a less experienced company that doesn't even have a backup facility to protect their home or business for more money!

Allow us to set up your security with the most experienced monitoring company with the most coverage, ADT and we make sure you're not a number and thet your wishes for your home or business coverages are met and exceeded with the most affordable professional alarm system you can find in the industry. Our company isn't trying to get rich off of one customer, we want to have many satified customers. Allow us to do our best for you.

According to Wikipedia 'The ADT Corporation is an American corporation that provides residential and small business electronic security, fire protection and other related alarm monitoring services in 35 countries.' They monitor over 6.5 million customers between the US and Canada.